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All programs are free of charge.

Child-Safe: Weekly support group

The Child-Safe program is an ongoing weekly evening support group for children ranging in age from 5-17 years. This group provides a variety of information and structured curriculums on topics relating to non-violent living and conflict resolution.

Duration of program: Weekly for 1.5 hours with the last 30 minutes being snack time.

Parent & Child Interactive

The parent–child interactive program attempts to promote healthy parent-child relationships through a variety of fun and creative educational activities.

This program is provided by trained staff and volunteers.

Duration of program: Weekly for 1 hour.

Family Night

Family night is committed to encouraging positive healthy parent-child relationships through a variety of enjoyable social activities such as movie & popcorn night, ice cream social night, and other fun events. This program is offered to all current and former shelter residents as well as outreach participants.

Duration of program: 4th Sunday of each month for 2 to 2.5 hours.

Contact SafeSpace at the following numbers to obtain more information and program availability in your county:

TTY accessible

Indian River: 1-772-569-7233
St. Lucie: 1-772-464-4555
Martin : 1-772-288-7023
Administrative Office: 1-772-223-2399