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5/21/2018 SafeSpace Announces 2018 Volunteer Awards 
9/6/2017 SafeSpace "Rockin'' the Walk" 
7/17/2017 John''''s Island Foundation presents $35,000 Grant 
5/1/2017 Grand Harbor Community Supporting SafeSpace 
4/13/2017 SafeSpace honors couple with Chrysalis Award 
For their extraordinary work in forwarding the mission of SafeSpace, the Treasure Coast’s nonprofit provider of domestic violence prevention services, Margaret and Joe Temple were awarded the organization’s prestigious Chrysalis Award at the “Steppin’ Out for SafeSpace” dinner dance on March 4.
7/18/2016 SafeSpace Announces 2016 Volunteer Awards 
6/20/2016 Walk a Mile Set for October 8, 2016 
6/13/2016 JRC Charitable Foundation takes to the links 
for SafeSpace
6/13/2016 Grand Harbour donates to SafeSpace 
3/7/2016 Every Woman Is My Sister benefits SafeSpace 
10/19/2015 SafeSpace Awarded Funds to Protect Young Victims 
10/12/2015 Walk A Mile In Her Shoes 
Stars Were Out
10/10/2015 Help Victims of Domestic Violence 
8/25/2015 SafeSpace to host Walk A Mile In Her Shoes 
2/9/2015 SafeSpace Filling Void on Treasure Coast 
2/6/2015 SafeSpace to hold annual Every Woman Is My Sister 
5/6/2014 Survivors of Domestic Violence Share Their Stories 
2/16/2014 Domestic Violence and BiPartisanship 
10/11/2013 Spencer, Dupree to chair Indian River Walk a Mile 
Chief Deputy L. E. "Bud" Spencer is stepping into four-inch red stilettos once again this October and he''s asking all of Indian River County to join him. Spencer is joined by co-chair Lewana Dupree for the 2013 Indian River County “Walk a Mile in Her Shoes” event, and the pair is looking for local men to be a part of the one-mile walk against domestic violence to support SafeSpace, the Treasure Coast’s only certified domestic violence outreach center.
10/9/2013 Presidential Proclamation: National DV Awareness 
President Barack Obama proclaims October 2013 as National Domestic Violence Awareness Month: "Since the passage of the Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) nearly 20 years ago, our Nation''s response to domestic violence has greatly improved. What was too often seen as a private matter best hidden behind closed doors is now an established issue of national concern. We have changed our laws, transformed our culture, and improved support services for survivors. We have seen a significant drop in domestic violence homicides and improved training for police, prosecutors, and advocates. Yet we must do more to provide protection and justice for survivors and to prevent violence from occurring. During National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, we stand with domestic abuse survivors, celebrate our Nation''s progress in combatting these despicable crimes, and resolve to carry on until domestic violence is no more."
9/16/2013 Hagin, Grone co-chair St. Lucie County Walk a Mile 
Pastor Ken Hagin and Carissa Grone are at it again, wearing red stilettos all over town to support SafeSpace, the Treasure Coast’s only domestic violence outreach center. The pair have teamed up for the second year in a row to co-chair the annual St. Lucie County “Walk A Mile In Her Shoes” event, and they are determined to bring all of St. Lucie County’s real men to Tradition Square on Saturday, Oct. 12 for the one-mile walk against domestic violence.
9/15/2013 Beckett, Ranieri to lead Martin County Walk A Mile 
For the second year in a row, Rebecca Beckett and Rob Ranieri are leading the effort for the one-mile walk against domestic violence that will begin at 8:30 a.m. on Saturday, Oct. 5 in downtown Stuart, and they are asking all men in Martin County to step up and step into four-inch red stilettos to walk a mile with them.
9/4/2013 Shindig’s men to sport red high heels 
For the second year in a row, the men at Shindig Irish Restaurant and Pub in Port St. Lucie are putting on their red high heels and hosting a “Walk a While” event to stand up against domestic violence and support SafeSpace. The three-hour “Walk A While” event is one of six geared toward raising awareness for the issue of domestic violence and the upcoming Walk A Mile in her Shoes® event on Oct. 12 at Tradition Square.
8/27/2013 Walking With SafeSpace - Palm City Life Magazine 
Across the country, advocates work year-round to raise awareness of the issue of domestic violence, but despite the significant progress made, there is still a long way to go. For this reason, October is National Domestic Violence Awareness Month. Locally, there are many opportunities for the community to take a stand against domestic violence by partnering with SafeSpace, the only domestic violence outreach center on the Treasure Coast.
8/6/2013 SafeSpace needs community support to win $10,000 
Thanks to Schlitt Insurance Services, Inc., SafeSpace recently received $2,000 from a contest entry to the Safeco Insurance Make More Happen Awards. But now, SafeSpace has the chance to receive an additional $10,000 from the Safeco Make More Happen online contest.
7/30/2013 Help SafeSpace Win $10,000 from SAFECO 
We''re receiving $2,000, thanks to Schlitt Insurance Services, Inc. and Safeco Insurance. But with your help, we could get $10,000 more! Vote every day in the Safeco Insurance Make More Happen vote-off!
7/30/2013 Privacy & Safety on Facebook - Comprehensive Guide 
Facebook, National Network To End Domestic Violence Team Up On ‘Privacy & Safety on Facebook’: Facebook and NNEDV said the guide provides information on how domestic violence victims can maintain safety and control over their information on the social network and elsewhere online, while still connecting with friends and family.
6/28/2013 2012 Florida DV Fatality Report 
2012 "Faces Of Fatality" by FCADV and all the DV fatality review teams statewide
6/21/2013 NBC news report: Domestic Violence study 
Article about research study showing that DV is at epidemic proportions
6/7/2013 CBS12''s Extraordinary People: SafeSpace Volunteers 
CBS 12''s Michele Wright features SafeSpace Volunteer of the Year, Rebecca Beckett, as an extraordinary person making a positive difference in South Florida.
5/29/2013 SafeSpace''s Art Ciasca receives ''Heroes'' award 
Each year, the Rupert J. Smith Law Library of St. Lucie County recognizes two St. Lucie County citizens for their commitment to the community. This year, Art Ciasca, director of Development at SafeSpace, was among the esteemed recipients of the “Honored Local Heroes” award.
4/10/2013 DV = Intimate Terrorism 
2013 May Issue Cosmopolitan Magazine article about DV
3/7/2013 Jill Borowicz OpEd Piece on DV 
Why Victims don''t testify or prosecute batterers
3/7/2013 Art Ciasca: Letter to the Editor re:DV 
Domestic Violence can happen in any setting...
1/31/2013 Domestic Violence and homelessness 
Article about correlation between DV and homelessness
1/31/2013 Superbowl does NOT cause DV to increase 
US News article about the Superbowl and it''s connection to DV
10/23/2012 Russ Lemmon Domestic Violence Article 
Are you picking up clues someone you know may be a victim of DV?
10/23/2012 Jill Borowicz Guest Editorial Scripps Newspapers 
Domestic Violence hits 1 out of every 3 women at some point in their lives....
9/17/2012 Luminaries Y-GO for SafeSpace Walk A Mile 
Information about all 3 Walk A Mile Events!
9/17/2012 5 Minutes with Theresa Wyres on service 
Theresa Wyres, Past President SafeSpace Inc. speaks about her service in the community
8/29/2012 SafeSpace Walk A While at Shindigs Pub 
Article about SafeSpace Walk A Mile pre-event
8/24/2012 John Walsh to be Honorary Chair for SafeSpace 
John Walsh will be Honorary Chair for the 2012 Indian River County Walk A Mile
8/24/2012 Seabreeaze article about the Walk A Mile 
SafeSpace 2012 Walk A Mile In Her Shoes article
7/24/2012 St. Lucie County SafeSpace 2012 Walk A Mile 
Co-Chairs Pastor Ken Hagin and Carissa Grone challenge men to step up against domestic violence
7/24/2012 Martin County SafeSpace Walk A Mile 
Co-Chairs Rebecca Beckett and Rob Ranieri challenge men to step up against domestic violence
7/23/2012 SafeSpace Spanish Public Service Announcement 
SafeSpace and DV information for Spanish Victims
5/3/2012 Dr. Stephanie Haridopolos speaks out 
Victims Rights Week culminated in awards for advocates in the State and Dr. Haridopolos spoke there on behalf of ALL who advocate on behalf of vicitms!
4/4/2012 Florida Today Guest Editorial 
Written by Dr. Stephanie Haridopolos
3/27/2012 DTalks Radio Interview with Art Ciasca 
Art Ciasca, Director of Development at SafeSpace discusses the organization, upcoming events including Every Woman is My Sister and Walk a Mile in Her Shoes, plus domestic violence, from a male perspective.
3/26/2012 Domestic Violence related death in Indian River Co 
Article about DV death in Vero Beach
3/22/2012 Stephanie Haridopolos MD WQCS Interview March 22 
Hear from Dr. Stephanie Haridopolos who suffered years of abuse at the hands her first husband.
3/21/2012 Carissa Grone WQCS Interview March 21, 2012 
Hear from a survivor of domestic violence who was a teenager when she experienced abuse from both her father and boyfriend.
3/20/2012 Bryan Gardner WQCS Interview March 20, 2012 
Children feel the pain of domestic violence too, even if they''ve never been physically hit.
3/19/2012 Jill Borowicz WQCS Interview March 19, 2012 
Jill Borowicz, CEO of SafeSpace talks about the increase in violence and its causes.
3/16/2012 STephanie Haridoplolos to be keynote in Vero Beach 
Article in Vero of 32963 pub;ication
3/6/2012 2011 DV Census Report 
Point In Time Census of DV in the United States
2/16/2012 Harvard study on abuse effects on brain 
Study proves that child abuse or child witnessing of DV has physical consequesnces in adult brain
2/7/2012 Harbour Ridge Gala to benefit SafeSpace 
Luminaries cover and story January 30, 2012
2/7/2012 Stephanie Haridopolos Speaker for SafeSpace 
2012 Every Woman Is My Sister Event article--Luminaries
1/26/2012 Deadly Year For Domestic Violence 
Treasure Coast Information about just how deadly a year 2011 has been for victims of Domestic Violence
1/9/2012 Domestic Violence kidnapping 
Vero Beach domestic violence kidnapping
1/9/2012 Domestic Violence Shootout in Palm City 
2 dead and a Martin County Fire Lieutnant injured in domestic violence shootout
1/4/2012 Rebecca Beckett-5 minutes with in Luminaries 
A peacemaker goes public!
12/14/2011 Stephanie Haridopolos Story 
Stephanie shares her DV survivor story with Press JOurnal staff
12/14/2011 Study shows 1 in 5 women victims of sexual assualt 
Article looks at 2010 rape and domestic violence study results
12/12/2011 Domestic Violence Increases 
Article in The Stuart News
12/1/2011 Russ Lemmon "A Lot To Be Thankful For" 
Russ lists SafeSpace as an agency to be thankful for!
12/1/2011 Three Inspiring Women.. 
SafeSpace Board Member Mindi Fetterman and Take Back The Night is one of these 3 women....
9/29/2011 Palm Beach Post Walk A Mile Article 
Neighborhood Post article
9/28/2011 Martin County Walk a Mile Ad 
Martin County Walk a Mile Ad
9/18/2011 Man, 78, kills wife, 21, then self 
Scripps Treasure Coast News Article
9/12/2011 Area Men are Invited to Walk a Mile 
Luminaries Article -- Scripps Treasure Coast Newspapers
9/11/2011 Murder-suicide attempt suspected by PSL police 
Scripps Treasure Coast News Article
8/30/2011 Domestic violence continues, ignored 
Scripps Treasure Coast News Article